Stock Market: America has increased the confidence of stock markets, Sensex may reach 58 thousand, these factors will play a big role


new Delhi. Stock markets around the world, including the US, have got a positive move due to the raising of interest rates by the US central bank Fed Reserve. The Indian stock market will also maintain its edge today.

Experts believe that the stock market will remain bullish on Thursday and if investors show confidence, then the Sensex will once again cross the level of 58 thousand. On Wednesday, the Sensex closed at 56,817 with a gain of 1,000 points. Nifty also touched the level of 16,975 with a gain of 300 points. Experts believe that today Nifty will cross 17 thousand.

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sharp jump in american markets
Amidst the Russia-Ukraine War, the softening of crude oil prices and the Fed Reserve raising the interest rate by 0.25 percent showed a bumper jump on all US stock exchanges. Dow Jones closed with a gain of 518.76 (1.55%) points, while the S&P 500 gained 95.41 (2.24%) points and the Nasdaq Composite gained 487.93 (3.77%) points.

European markets also galloped
There was a bullish atmosphere on Wednesday on all three major stock exchanges of Europe. Germany’s DAX closed with a big gain of 3.76 percent. France’s CAC also saw a strong rise of 3.68 percent, while London’s FTSE stock exchange closed with a jump of 1.62 percent. The effect of the rise in European markets is also visible on most of the markets of Asia.

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Asian markets returned
Most of the stock markets of Asia have opened with gains on Thursday morning. Singapore’s stock exchange is seeing a jump of 1.62 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei is trading with a gain of 3.59 percent. Apart from this, the stock market of South Korea is also trading with a gain of 1.82 percent.

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Foreign investors bought shares after a month
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) made net purchases of shares for the first time after more than a month on Wednesday. (FIIs) bought shares worth 311.99 crores, which supported the hiccups market and closed at a high of 1000 points. However, the contribution of domestic investors was more in this, who bought shares worth Rs 772.55 crore yesterday.

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