Stock Market: Market ready to fight Global Crisis, trading may start in green mark today

Stock Market: Expected bullishness even today, Sensex may cross 56 thousand, these factors will affect


new Delhi. There is a possibility of a sharp increase in the Indian stock market on Thursday for the third consecutive day. Experts estimate that the Sensex can cross 56 thousand today, while the Nifty will cross the level of 16,500.

The BSE had gained 1,223 points a day earlier, while the NSE closed with a gain of 332 points. Experts believe that many factors of the global market will cause a sharp rise in the market today. Investors are also excited about the counting of votes for the assembly elections. The biggest impact of these factors can be seen on the market today.

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Crude’s biggest fall in two years
Brent crude prices are coming down as fast as they went up. In the global market, the price of crude has declined by 13.2 percent, or $ 16.84, to $ 111.14 per barrel. This is the biggest one-day fall in the price of crude since April 2021. US crude also declined by $ 15.44 to $ 108.70 per barrel.

Bumper rally on US stock exchange
The US stock markets are also seeing a big boom for two years. The Dow Jones jumped 2 percent and the S&P 500 rose 2.57 percent. Nasdaq Composite jumped 3.59 percent in a single day. The S&P 500 has seen the biggest rally since June 2020, while the Nasdaq has seen the biggest rally since March 2021.

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European markets showed strength
The faces of European markets blossomed as the prospects of reconciliation between Russia-Ukraine were forming. There was a tremendous jump of 7.92 percent in the French market and 7.13 percent on the German stock exchange. The London Stock Exchange also closed with a gain of 3.25 per cent. The effect of the rise in America and Europe is visible on the Asian markets today.

Asian markets open in green
Most of the markets in Asia have opened on a sharp edge today. Singapore’s exchange saw a rise of 1.67 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei is trading at 3.39 percent. Taiwan’s stock market is seeing a jump of 2.17 percent and South Korea’s 2.04 percent. China’s Shanghai Composite also opened with a gain of 1.71 percent.

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Confidence of domestic investors maintained
The withdrawal of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) from the Indian stock market continues, but the confidence of domestic investors remains intact. On Wednesday too, FII sold shares worth Rs 4,818.71 crore from the market. At the same time, domestic investors bought shares worth Rs 3,275.94 crore.

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