Stock Market opening: Market broke the trend of decline, Sensex-Nifty started straight

Stock Market: Good News! Sensex will cross 56 thousand fast in the market today, know which factors will show power


new Delhi. The trend of decline in the Indian stock market may break today. According to experts, despite the pressure of the global factor, investors can buy today.

The Sensex once again fell 778 points on Wednesday at 55,469, the Nifty fell 188 points to 16,606, but there is full hope of a comeback on Thursday. Experts say that today the positive mood of investors is visible and the Sensex can again go beyond 56 thousand. There are many such factors which will be helpful in keeping the market sentiment positive today.

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US-European markets recover from big fall
America’s major stock exchange Nasdaq saw a big increase on Wednesday and closed with a jump of 1.62 percent. European markets also remained on the green mark. Germany’s stock exchange closed with a gain of 0.69 percent, France’s 1.59 percent and Britain’s 1.26 percent. Despite the ongoing war at the door of Europe, the boom in these markets also showed a big impact in Asia.

Asian markets saw a rise
Most of the stock exchanges in Asia showed a bullish trend on Thursday. Both the Singapore exchanges were trading with a gain of 0.21 per cent and 0.82 per cent. Japan’s Nikkei was also up 0.78 percent. Apart from this, 0.76 percent in Taiwan’s stock market and South Korea’s market was trading on a 1 percent jump.

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Positive attitude of domestic investors will give rise
The withdrawal of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) from the Indian capital market continues. FII sold shares worth Rs 4,338.94 crore on Wednesday amid geopolitical tensions. At the same time, domestic investors held the market to some extent by buying shares worth 3,061.70 crore. Experts say that domestic investors will still insist on buying today.

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