Stock Market: It is not right to 'love' more than stocks today, know which factors can break the heart of investors

Stock Market: It is not right to ‘love’ more than stocks today, know which factors can break the heart of investors


New Delhi. Investors who love the Indian stock market will have to be a little cautious today i.e. on Monday 14 February. If you invest money without thinking, then your heart can also be broken. Many big factors will affect the market today.

In the first three trading days of the last week, the Sensex Nifty made a lot of money, but the week ended with a big fall. The Sensex had come down by 492 points on Friday, while the Nifty had also lost 142 points. On Monday also, there is a possibility of impact of the fall in the global market. Apart from this, there are many other factors which will affect the market.

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Government will release inflation figures
The wholesale price based inflation rate (WPI) and consumer price based inflation rate (CPI) data will be released by the government on the evening of February 14. Earlier, investors would be very cautious about investing money in the market, because the Reserve Bank also said last week that retail inflation will be very disturbing till March. That is, these rates are expected to go up once again.

rising crude oil price
Due to the impact on the supply of crude oil along with tensions between Russia and Ukraine, there is a lot of volatility in the international market. The price of Brent crude has also crossed $ 95 per barrel. In the last two months alone, the price of crude oil has increased by more than 32 percent. Due to this there is a possibility of further increase in inflation.

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Continued disenchantment of foreign investors
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Indian capital market. Last week alone, FIIs pulled out Rs 5,600 crore from the domestic market, while in February so far, shares worth Rs 9,700 crore have been sold. The absurdity of FIIs is that from October, 2021 till now, that is, in just four months, 1.52 lakh crore rupees have been withdrawn from the market.

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Strong fall in global market
All Asian markets, which started trading on Monday morning, showed a declining trend. Singapore 1.06 percent, Japan 2.44 percent and Taiwan’s markets were trading at 1.65 percent loss. Apart from this, the Cospi of South Korea also fell by 1.75 percent. American and European stock markets also closed on February 11 on a big decline.

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