Stock Market: Today there is a possibility of a big fall in the market, Sensex may go below 54 thousand

Stock Market: Market can compensate for the fall today, Sensex-Nifty expected to rise


new Delhi. The Indian stock market on Wednesday seems to be in a mood to compensate for the fall a day earlier. Trading started on the green mark on Tuesday but finally closed on the downside.

Sensex closed 700 points lower at 55,777 while Nifty reached 16,663 with a loss of 200 points. Experts believe that today the market will remain bullish and the Sensex will again cross the level of 56 thousand. Midcap and smallcap stocks are also expected to rise today. Many factors of the global market will work behind this.

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sharp jump in american markets

The softening of crude oil prices in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War has given life to the markets around the world. Brent crude once again went below $ 100 a barrel, which showed a sharp jump in the US stock market. On Tuesday, Dow Jones closed with a gain of 599.1 points, while the S&P 500 gained 89.34 points and the Nasdaq Composite gained 367.40 points.

However, there was a decline in European markets and a loss of 0.09 percent was shown on the German stock exchange. Apart from this, the stock exchange of France closed down 0.23 percent and London’s 0.25 percent.

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Asian markets open on the green mark

Most of the stock markets of Asia have opened with gains on Wednesday morning. Singapore’s stock exchange is seeing a jump of 1.56 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei is trading with a gain of 1.23 percent. Apart from this, there is a jump of 0.53 percent in Taiwan’s market, while South Korea’s stock market is trading with a gain of 0.54 percent.

Domestic investors will have to show

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are currently ‘angry’ with the Indian stock market. In such a situation, domestic investors will have to show confidence and they will have to buy heavily. On Tuesday too, FII made a withdrawal from the market by selling shares worth 1,249.74 crores. However, domestic investors bought shares worth 98.25 crores, which were much less in comparison. This was the reason that the Sensex closed at a loss of more than 700 points.

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