Stock Market: Market ready to fight Global Crisis, trading may start in green mark today

Stock Market: Market ready to fight Global Crisis, trading may start in green mark today


new Delhi. The Indian stock market is suffering from a decline for the last 7 trading sessions. As soon as the war between Russia-Ukraine started, the market came down heavily on Thursday, but it is ready to rise again on Friday.

Sensex and Nifty (Sensex-Nifty) saw the fifth biggest fall in history just a day ago. The Sensex closed down 2,702 on Thursday, while the Nifty reached close to 16 thousand on a fall of 815 points. However, experts say that there are many factors for the market to remain positive on Friday and trading can start from the green mark.

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US market rises due to new sanctions on Russia
New sanctions on Russia have created a boom in the US market. America’s major stock exchange Nasdaq showed a jump of 3.34 percent, while the S&P 500 closed on a gain of more than 1 percent. However, European markets looked under pressure after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. There was a big fall of about 4 percent on the stock exchanges of France, Germany and Britain.

Asian markets showed strength, strong return
Asian markets started trading on the morning of 25 February with a strong return. Singapore’s two exchanges saw gains of 2.09 and 1.14 per cent, while Japan’s Nikkei was trading with a jump of 1.54 per cent. Apart from this, there is a strong rise of 0.70 percent on Taiwan’s exchange and 1.13 percent in South Korea.

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Growing confidence of domestic investors
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) may be intent on withdrawing their capital from the Indian market, but the confidence of domestic investors is increasing. Amid heavy selling on Thursday, FIIs sold shares worth Rs 6,448.24 crore in the capital market, while domestic investors made net purchases of Rs 7,667.75 crore. This positive sentiment of investors can benefit the market today.

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