Stock Market: Inflation figures and quarterly results of companies will have an impact on the stock markets, invest wisely this week

Stock Market: Market ready to fight global factors, expected to open in green today, these reasons will have an effect


new Delhi. The Indian stock market, which has been falling for the last six trading sessions, has now decided to fight against global factors. Despite the fall in the global market, the stock market can open on the green mark on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the Sensex and Nifty had a very bad start, but after recovering 70 percent fall, the Sensex closed at 57,301 with a loss of nearly 400 points. Nifty also reached 17,092 with a loss of 100 points. Experts are telling that in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, most of the Asian markets opened on the green mark on Wednesday and the effect of this positive sentiment will also be seen on Indian investors.

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US stock market correction
The news agency Reuters has reported that America’s major stock exchange S&P 500 has fallen 10 percent from its record high of 3 January. It clearly shows the correction. On Tuesday also another exchange Nasdaq closed at 1.21 percent fall. Except Britain, two major European markets, Germany and France, also saw a decline.

Asian market on green mark
Most of the markets of Asia were seen trading on the green mark on Wednesday. Singapore Exchange saw a rise of 0.44 percent, Taiwan 0.19 percent and South Korea 0.66 percent. The effect of this boom in Asian markets will also be visible on Indian stock exchanges and experts are expecting the market to open on the green mark today.

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Heavy selling by foreign investors
The process of withdrawing money of foreign investors from the Indian capital market continues continuously. On Tuesday, Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) sold shares worth Rs 3,245.52 crore. However, domestic investors once again saved the market from any major fall. He put Rs 4,108.58 crore in the market through the purchase of shares.

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