Stock Market: The mood of the market is bad, even today there is a possibility of opening on the decline, stocks under pressure due to these factors

Stock Market: Market under the shadow of fear of Russia-Ukraine War, trading will start with a fall today


new Delhi. The fear of the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine on the Indian stock market is clearly visible. Experts say that the selling of foreign investors will continue even today and the market can start weak.

On Monday, trading on both the exchanges (BSE-NSE) started with a big drop, but eventually closed on the edge. The Sensex rose by 389 points, while the Nifty closed with a gain of 135 points. Experts say that due to other reasons including the global factor, the selling will dominate the investors on Wednesday and the market may fall again.

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bad condition of american stock market
The three stock exchanges are under pressure after the US crude oil prices rose 10 per cent to a seven-year high. On Tuesday, the Dow fell by 600 points and started loss trading for the second consecutive month. Apart from this, a big decline of 1.6 percent has also been seen on the Nasdaq and S&P 500 exchanges. Here the 10-year Treasury rate has also come down to 1.7 percent.

Asian markets have a weak start
Trading started with a fall in major stock markets of Asia on Wednesday. Singapore’s exchange saw a decline of 0.78 percent and 1.33 percent in Japan. Trading in Taiwan also started at 0.32 percent loss. Only South Korea’s market saw a rise of 0.06 percent. European markets also closed a day earlier on a fall of about 4 percent.

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Foreign investors withdrew 4 thousand crores
The selling of Indian shares by foreign institutional investors (FIIs) continues. FII also sold shares worth Rs 3,948.47 crore in trading on Monday. However, domestic investors once again handled the situation by buying 4,142.82.

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