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Stock Market: Russia-Ukraine increased market tension, there is a possibility of a big decline, today these factors will have an effect


new Delhi. The deepening crisis between Russia and Ukraine has become a problem for the stock markets around the world. Along with America, Europe, Asian markets are also showing a steady decline. Experts say that the Indian stock market can become a victim of a big fall on Tuesday.

After the stock market started with a big fall on Monday, the Sensex closed at 57,684 with a loss of 149 points. Nifty also fell 70 points to reach 17,207. The effect of continuous profit-booking and negative sentiment of investors is also visible on trading.

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US-Europe decline
The US stock market Nasdaq fell 1.23 percent on Monday, while Europe’s stock exchange saw a big decline of 2.04 percent and Germany’s stock exchange was down 2.07 percent. The UK stock market also declined 0.39 percent. Its effect was also visible on the markets of Asia.

Asian markets open on a decline
Most of the markets in Asia are open on Tuesday morning on the decline. Singapore’s exchange saw a decline of 1.31 percent and Japan 1.71 percent. Apart from this, there was a loss of 0.83 percent in Taiwan and 1.34 percent in South Korea. Indian investors can also be affected by Asian markets, who can move towards a big sell-off.

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The crisis is also visible on the futures market
There is also a crisis in the futures markets of America and Asia. America’s major stock market S&P 500 futures option showing a decline of 1.8 percent. Japan’s Nikkei saw a decline of 2.2 percent and another US stock exchange Nasdaq was down 2.5 percent. Apart from this, a big decline of 3.7 percent is also expected on the German exchange DAX.

Foreign investors continued selling
Selling by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) continues. On Monday too, FII made a huge withdrawal of 2,261.90 crore from the Indian stock market. However, domestic investors once again came out as saviors and saved the market from a major fall. Domestic investors bought shares worth Rs 2,392.85 crore.

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