There is chaos in the stock market, Sensex slips 2700 points, Nifty closed below 16250

Stock market shaken by war, Sensex fell by more than 4000 points in last 12 trading sessions, know the future


Mumbai . The condition of the stock markets around the world is worsened by the war. Indian stock markets are also continuously diving downwards. On Friday, the last trading day of the week, Sensex Nifty also closed with a heavy fall. Yesterday on Friday, the Sensex closed at 54,333.81 with a fall of 768.87 points or 1.40 per cent. On the other hand, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) fell 252.60 points, or 1.53 percent, to close at 16,245.40. In just one day, more than 5 lakh crore rupees of Indian investors were sunk.

On Friday, the Sensex closed at 54,333 points. It closed at 57232 points on 23 February. The Indian stock market had fallen by 2700 points on 24 February due to the news of the attack. But, it managed to recover to a great extent in the subsequent seasons. Since February 15, 15 lakh crore rupees of Indian investors have been sunk. From February 15, Russia started preparing for a major attack on Ukraine. He later announced to withdraw some of his army from the border for a major attack.

10 days after the attack
Russia attacked Ukraine on the morning of 24 February (according to Indian time). Today is the 9th day of the attack. Since February 24, the Sensex has fallen by about 3000 points. During this Nifty has fallen by 818 points. The Sensex has fallen nearly 4,000 points since February 15. Due to this, investors have lost $197 billion.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin first declared two regions of Ukraine – Luhansk and Donetsk as independent provinces. Then, on 23 February, he declared an emergency. On 24 February, Ukraine was attacked. After this, there has been a sharp jump in the prices of crude oil in the international market. On the other hand, there was news of a fire in Ukraine’s largest nuclear reactor on Friday morning. However, this fire was extinguished.

There is little chance of the crisis ending soon
Experts say that the pressure on the market is likely to continue. The reason for this is that there is no hope of an end to the Ukraine crisis yet. Even after three rounds of talks, no result has come out. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attitude has not changed even after tough sanctions. In such a situation, investors need to be careful. They should avoid investing too much in one go.

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