What will be the effect of BJP's victory in the elections on the stock market?  Know the opinion of experts

Stock Market: There is a possibility of a fall in the market today, due to these factors, investors will bet carefully


new Delhi. The last week has been good for the Indian stock market for the first time in a few months. Experts predict that in this week starting from Monday, there will be entry with the fall of the market.

The Sensex closed 86 points higher at 55,550 on the last trading day of last week, while the Nifty climbed 36 points to 16,630. Experts say that if the mood of investors shows positive this week too, then there will be a possibility of a boom in the market. However, today many factors at the global and local level will affect the market.

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US market fall
Due to the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine, the US stock market saw a major fall on March 11. America’s Nasdaq stock exchange showed a loss of 2.18 percent. However, European markets closed on the rise. Germany’s stock exchange saw a rise of 1.38 percent, France 0.85 percent and the London stock exchange saw a rise of 0.80 percent.

Asian markets also opened losses
Trading started with a fall in Asian markets on Monday. There was a loss of 0.27 percent on the Singapore exchange and 0.38 percent in the South Korean market. However, Japan’s Nikkei gained 1.11 percent and Taiwan’s 0.50 percent. Experts say that the mixed trend of Asian markets will save the Indian stock market from a major fall today.

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Foreign investors continue to be disillusioned
There is a continuous exodus of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) from the Indian stock market. FII also sold shares worth Rs 2,263.90 crore in the market on the last trading day of last week. However, domestic investors bought shares worth Rs 1,686.85 crore, keeping the market marginally up.


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