Stock Market Today: The market will remain under pressure even today, investors should be careful, know what is the reason for the continuous decline

Stock Market: Inflation figures and quarterly results of companies will have an impact on the stock markets, invest wisely this week


new Delhi. The Indian stock market will remain under pressure on Friday after suffering a fall for two consecutive days. Tension between Russia and Ukraine has now reached its peak and investors around the world will have to bear the brunt.

The Sensex closed down 105 points at 57,892 for the second consecutive day on February 17, while the Nifty lost 18 points to fall at 17,305. America has warned that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. After this, there was a big fall in the US stock market on Thursday, which also affected Asia and European markets. Many factors can affect the market even on Friday.

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US stock market
The growing tension between Russia and Ukraine is showing the biggest impact on the US stock market. On Wall Street, Dow Jones broke down 622.24 on Thursday and closed at the level of 34,312.03. Similarly, the S&P 500 also closed at 4,380.26 with a loss of 94.75 points. There was also a big fall of 407.38 points on the major stock exchange Nasdaq Composite.

Europe and Asian markets also declined
European markets including France, Germany also closed on the decline on Thursday. London’s stock exchange saw a decline of 0.87 percent on FTSE, 0.26 percent on France’s CAC and 0.61 percent on Germany’s DAX. Apart from this, there was an atmosphere of decline in the Asian markets opening on February 18. The stock exchanges of Singapore, Japan and South Korea were trading on the red mark in the morning.

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Frustration of foreign investors persists
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) continued to withdraw their money from the Indian capital market. On Thursday too, FIIs sold shares worth Rs 1,242.10 crore. However, domestic institutional investors made up the shortfall to some extent and made net purchases of Rs 901.10 crore. Due to the apathy of foreign investors, the pressure on the market is increasing continuously.

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