This stock fell 15% this year, will benefit from Russia-Ukraine war!  Experts gave advice to buy

Stock Market: Today the market will start from the green mark, Sensex-Nifty will continue to rise, these factors will affect the market


new Delhi. Trading is expected to start from the green mark in the Indian stock market on Wednesday. Experts say that the market, which closed with a boom on Tuesday, can maintain its gains even today.

On Tuesday, the Sensex-Nifty started trading with a big fall, but seeing the improvement in the global market, the Sensex closed at 53,424 with a gain of 581 points. Nifty also closed at 16,013 with a gain of 150 points. Experts say that there are many such factors which can give rise to the market and investors will insist on buying.

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Ukraine’s soft stance likely to end war
The possibility of an end to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) has increased. In fact, Ukraine’s President Zelensky has said that he is now giving up his insistence on joining NATO. After this, there is speculation that Russian President Vladimir Putin will now stop his attacks.

Positive trend of Asian markets
Most of the markets of Asia opened on the green mark on Wednesday. There was a slight increase of 0.05 percent on the Singapore exchange this morning, but it is indicating a positive mood. Japan’s stock exchange Nikkei is also seeing a gain of 0.69 percent. Apart from this, Taiwan’s market has also opened with a big gain of 1.26 percent. The effect of this trend of Asian markets will also be seen on Indian investors.

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Growing confidence of domestic investors
While Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are withdrawing their money from the Indian market, Indian investors are investing heavily. On Tuesday too, FIIs sold shares worth Rs 8,142.60 crore in the market, while domestic investors made net purchases of Rs 6,489.59 crore. Experts say that due to their positive mood, the market is expected to gain momentum today.

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