There is chaos in the stock market, Sensex slips 2700 points, Nifty closed below 16250

Stock Market: Today there will be a break on the continued growth for three days, trading in the market can start from the fall


new Delhi. Today, there may be a break on the continued growth in the Indian stock market for the last three days. Experts believe that due to prolonged Russia-Ukraine War, crude prices have started running up once again. The market is expected to open under pressure on Friday.

A day earlier, the Sensex and Nifty had made a sharp jump. After making a gain of about 1,600 points, the Sensex climbed 817 points to close at 55,464, while the Nifty gained 249 points to reach 16,595. Experts say that apart from crude, there are many such factors at the global level which will affect the sentiment of Indian investors today.

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US and Europe markets fall
The US stock market saw a fall after the rebound in crude prices and the imposition of sanctions on Russia. Nasdaq closed with a weakness of 0.95 percent. Apart from this, Germany’s stock exchange closed with a decline of 2.93 percent and France’s 2.83 percent. The London Stock Exchange also closed down 1.27 percent.

Asian markets also opened at a loss
Asian markets started trading with a fall on Friday. The Singapore Stock Exchange saw a decline of 0.46 per cent and 2.09 per cent in Japan. Apart from this, there is a big loss of 0.50 percent on Taiwan’s stock exchange and 1.10 percent on South Korea’s Kospi stock exchange.

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Decreasing confidence of foreign investors
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) seem to have completely disillusioned with the Indian market. On 10 March also, FII withdrew Rs 1,981.15 crore by selling shares from the Indian stock market. However, domestic investors bought shares worth 945.71 crore during this period. Even today, there is an estimate of big withdrawal from the FII side.

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