Stock Markets Update: Last week is better for the market, understand from experts how will be the next week?

Stock Markets Update: Last week is better for the market, understand from experts how will be the next week?


Stock Markets Update : The past week was a relief for the Indian stock market. The continuous decline was stopped and the greenery returned again in the stock market. After four consecutive weeks of decline, the major indices closed in the green. This week, the Sensex and Nifty have gained about two and a half percent. The main reason for this was buying in those stocks, which are available at cheaper prices after beating the last few weeks.

Experts believe that for the time being the effect of Russia-Ukraine Crisis on the stock markets will continue. Apart from this, a meeting of the Federal Reserve is going to be held in America next week. After this, the US central bank will take a decision to increase the interest rate. All eyes are on how much he increases the interest rate. Actually, the situation has changed after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Doubts on petrol diesel prices
On the other hand, the process of assembly elections in five states has been completed. Now oil companies can increase the prices of petrol and diesel at any time. Experts believe that the price of petrol and diesel may increase by at least Rs 10 to 14 per liter. It may be that the oil companies do not do this increase in one go and do it gradually.

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Holiday in the market on Friday, March 18
Next week is the festival of Holi. Therefore, there will be a holiday in the market on Friday, March 18. In such a situation, there will be business in the market for only four days. Right now investors are being cautious in the market. He is confused about the future course of the market. If commodity prices do not soften in the coming days, then inflation can reach the sky.

Domestic institutional investors made good buys
On the other hand, the movement of the market will also depend on the attitude of the foreign institutional investor. So far there has been no change in his attitude. However, domestic institutional investors have avoided coming under excessive pressure from the market by making good buys. However, foreign investors are worried about rising commodity prices. They feel that this is not good for a country like India. The reason for this is that India meets 85 percent of its fuel requirement from imports.

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