Success Story: 7 housewives started this business in just 80 rupees, today there is a turnover of thousand crores, read how?

Success Story: 7 housewives started this business in just 80 rupees, today there is a turnover of thousand crores, read how?


New Delhi. Be it marriage or any festival or festival.. Lijjat papad every time… Karram, Kurram… Kurram Karram… Yes. On the other hand, Lijjat Papad, which you must have seen in advertisements on your TV since childhood.. which has been made in your kitchen and supermarket for years. Even today, whenever the eyes look at Lijjat Papad, the sense of faith and women empowerment is reflected in them. There will be hardly anyone in India who does not know about the delicious Lijjat Papad. The more popular Lijjat Papad is, the better is its success story. Started by seven friends and housewives, Lijjat Papad has become a successful and inspiring story today. Today this company is giving employment to 45,000 women across India. So let’s know how 7 women started a business in 80 rupees and then made it famous all over the world. Today this company is earning in crores.

This journey started from here…
Jaswanti Jamnadas, a resident of Mumbai, had laid the foundation of Lijjat Papad for the first time in 1959 along with her 6 friends. The intention of these seven women behind starting this was not to start an industry or earn more money. Through this, she wanted to share her hand in the expenses of her family. Since these women were not much educated, they had to face many difficulties even in working outside the house. So, these Gujarati women planned to make and sell papads, which they could make at home. Jaswanti Jamnadas Popat decided that she and Parvatiben Ramdas Thodani, Uzmben Narandas Kundalia, Banuben Tanna, Laguben Amrutlal Gokani, Jayaben Vithlani would start the work of making papads. He was accompanied by another woman, who was entrusted with the task of selling papads.

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business started with borrowed money
With a loan of Rs 80, the women bought a machine for making papad and also bought the necessary items for making papad. Initially the women made four packets of papad and sold them to a merchant. After this the merchant demanded more papad from the women. After this the women started working hard day and night and the sales kept on increasing quadruple day by day. After this the merchant asked to improve the quality of the papad. At the same time, he also helped in giving training to these women about account handling, marketing etc. This group of seven women became a cooperative system. In this, needy women above 18 years of age were added. Lijjat Papad’s business had given him an annual income of 6196 during that time and soon, thousands of women joined it.

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thousand crore turnover
Lijjat Papad has been honored with the Economic Times Business Woman of the Year Award in 2002, Country’s Best Cottage Industry Award in 2003 and Brand Equity Award in 2005 by the then President of the country, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The business of papad, which started with a loan of Rs 80, has a shadow all over the world and its turnover is about Rs 100 crore.

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