Success Story: After leaving government job, Mala made family business online, 100% growth in festive season

Success Story: After leaving government job, Mala made family business online, 100% growth in festive season


New Delhi. Mala Awasthi, a 57-year-old woman entrepreneur. Director of Kesari Transcontinental. The business suffered a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic. Decided to shift the business to Online Selling. As a result, 100% growth in the festive season. Mala shared her success story with Tech for FTCp.
In 1998, Mala left her teacher’s job as she had to shift from New Delhi to Panipat. Mala says, “It was very difficult for me to run for work as well as take care of the children. But my zeal to continue the work remained intact. Mala was from an Army family, due to which she got to learn the essentials of entrepreneurship like discipline, teamwork and punctuality from childhood. Yet the traditional mindset and other entrepreneurial activities became a major hindrance due to being female. Mala said, ‘Some days felt like a struggle! Initially, factory workers were hesitant to accept a woman at the leadership level. But with time and effort things started getting better.
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Business had to be restructured due to lockdown
The lockdown implemented in India and around the world also affected business. According to Mala, when the lockdown happened for the first 3 months, it created challenges like managing finances and supporting its employees. The raw material was already paid for for many orders which were cancelled. The 25-year-old family business suffered a lot. According to Mala, encouraged to adopt e-commerce channels to accelerate the digital journey and sustain growth in this pandemic situation. Then started selling about 15 products on Flipkart with the help of Walmart Vriddhi team. Its response was very good.
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Business started growing with the relaxation of lockdown
According to Mala, due to online, Kesari Transcontinental is doing direct selling and indirect selling of its products in domestic and international markets such as Middle East and other Asian countries. Not only this, hospitality and retail across the country are connecting customers with them. In the last financial year (2018-2019), our total annual turnover was Rs 12 crore. When the government announced the relaxation of the lockdown, sales started picking up and now the business has reached 40% (Rs 4 crore) of the pre-Covid level. Notably, Kesari offers a wide range of products such as cushions, home furnishings, luxury beddings and linens to hospitality and large retailers across the country under the Transcontinental Homescapes brand. This business is managed by Mala and her husband Amitabh with the help of 75 employees.

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