Success Story: Left studies for the passion of chess, with this passion raised a billion dollar company in lockdown

Success Story: Left studies for the passion of chess, with this passion raised a billion dollar company in lockdown


Kuldeep Singhoria. New Delhi

It is believed that most of the big startups raise students from big business schools and technology institutes like IITs. But one of these exceptions is also of Nitin Kamath. For the passion of chess, he left his studies only in 9th standard. Found a place in chess but entered the stock market ten years ago to do something bigger. Started Startup as Co-Founder and CEO of Zerodha Brokerage Firm. When all the businesses were closed in the lockdown, then Zerodha was achieving new heights of heights. Then it has become a unicorn to achieve a valuation of one billion dollars (about Rs 7400 crore). Not only this, today Zerodha has also achieved a market share of 15 percent, leaving behind all the giants. Tech for FTCp English learned his success story from Nitin Kamath…
Question: How did the idea of ​​starting Zerodha come about?
Answer: Stock market has been my favorite business. The reason behind this is family background. The initial objective was to save the brokerage that we were paying. The most important thing about the stock market is that it does not require any degree. No license is required as a trader. Trading in the stock market does not require a huge infrastructure.
Question: But you did not even take formal education. Didn’t that cause problems?
Answer: The lack of formal education did not become a weakness for me, but chess helped a lot in the stock market. Actually, in childhood, I was fond of chess. Soon I started playing professional chess. Also represented India in the Under-16 Level International Tournament in the year 2002. Since I left my studies to pursue a career in chess, my bank officer father and mother did not complain. But I do not say that formal education has no importance. So leaving school changed in me that now I was able to read more about the subjects in which I was interested. Seeing my friends going to school, I also wanted to read and probably because of this I read many books. Nitin and I started trading in the stock market at a very young age while playing chess. Gradually our trading volume increased and we realized that we are paying too much brokerage. And this is where the idea of ​​starting Zerodha was born.
Question: How did chess help in trading the stock market?
Answer: The game of chess and the stock market have many things in common. I think being a good chess player, I was able to do well in the stock market as well. Memory power is more important than intelligence in chess. You have to remember the game. The principal has to be followed. The same happens in the stock market.

Question: How did you get the name Zerodha?
Answer: Zerodha is made up of two words zero meaning zero and Sanskrit word Rodha. Rodha means obstacle. That is, we are driven by the spirit of sportsmanship to rise above both the void and the obstacle.

Q: How to solve funding and other issues for the company?
Answer: Due to the online platform, there was not much issue of funding. Because of this our cost was low. Our focus is our customers. It was because of his trust that other problems were solved.

Question: Did the business of brokerage companies increase in the lockdown? What preparations did you make for this?
Answer: There was an online platform, so there was no problem. Our team worked hard during this difficult time. Assured the customers that it is good to buy when the stock market is at its lowest level.

Question: How much is it possible to compensate for the loss caused to the economy in the Corona crisis. When will the economic outlook be better?
Answer: From the perspective of the stock market, the loss has been recovered rapidly. Looking at the statistics of the economy, there is a fast recovery going on. Situations are changing rapidly after the unlock. Looks like GDP growth will come soon.

Question: Overall how do you see the growth of Indian stock market?
Answer: The stock market is giving good returns according to the growth. But it is still less than in the US. Because we lack financial education here. In the age of internet, people are becoming aware, so the number of people investing in the market is increasing.

Question: After such a sharp recovery in the market, many experts are saying that it is a bubble. Is there a possibility of a correction in the market? If so how much?
Answer: There is undoubtedly a bubble in the stock market. There are three main reasons for this increase. First, heavy investment by foreign investors in the Indian market. Second, people’s savings have increased due to Corona. Third, the interest rates in bank FDs have fallen significantly. Retail investors are doing this but they have to keep in mind that due to this the valuation of the shares has increased a lot according to the market. In such a situation, the chances of correction have increased a lot. However, for the time being, the period of small correction may come soon. This may hurt retail investors. They should invest wisely.

Question: There are many IPOs coming up now? But would it be better to invest in IPOs at present?
Answer: Investing in IPO has never been better than in the secondary market. Companies bring IPOs to meet their capital requirements. That’s fine for them, but retail investors don’t gain much from it. That’s why I am never too excited for an IPO.

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