Success Story: Taught the handicapped in childhood, started entitlement startup to the weak, now turnover of 12 crores

Success Story: Taught the handicapped in childhood, started entitlement startup to the weak, now turnover of 12 crores


Kuldeep Singhoria. New Delhi

The work related to social concerns is usually done by social organizations or NGOs, but the involvement of educated youth from reputed institutions is an exception. One such exception is 30-year-old Aniket Dogre. Instead of holding high positions in government or big multinational companies, Dogre chose a difficult path six years ago. Instead of an NGO, formed his own company for the weaker or socially deprived sections.
Through Startup Haqdarshak, Aniket has taken government schemes to more than one lakh families in just six years. Not only this, now one lakh applications are processed from their startup every month. For this reason, Aniket has been ranked by the world’s prestigious magazine Forbes in the Asia Under 30 list of companies working in the social sector.
Somewhere from the funds of Corporate Social Responsibility of big companies, Aniket helped people from NGOs and government funds. Not only this, various services were provided to the people only by the fee fixed by the government. On the basis of this unique idea, about 15,000 women entrepreneurs have joined their startups, which works to reach out to the families of the weaker sections in the field and provide them the benefits of government schemes. Aniket, co-founder and CEO of Haqdarshak, says that there were a lot of funding problems during the Corona period. Companies were also short of cash and due to work from home payment is getting delayed by three to six months. But dealing with this, he expanded his team to deliver social schemes to more people in Corona. During this, 300 people were also given jobs. Aniket says that during the Corona period, a new initiative was started for more than 10 thousand small industries. Helped through government schemes to overcome the damage caused to the industries in Corona.
Aniket says that before Corona, the focus was on the rural area, but later the problem of laborers working in urban areas came to the fore. In view of this, the focus was on urban areas. The biggest problem with the workers was their identification. Therefore, from the enrollment of laborers to all the documents, work was done. Due to Corona, the turnover which should have increased, it could not happen. Earlier the target was Rs 15 crore, which has now been reduced to Rs 12 crore. However, the work has doubled. Hence the profitability of the startup has decreased. Aniket explains that more important than profit is to help people. Therefore, without worrying about profit, we are increasing the work. As a result of this, now one lakh applications are processed every month.
Aniket used to teach in government schools during graduation

Aniket, who lives in Shimla, Himachal, used to teach differently-abled children in his childhood. Even during his graduation in Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, he continued to teach in a government school. Aniket says that when he worked in the slums in Pune for the fellowship of Teach for India, it came to know that people are not aware of government schemes. Therefore, along with Gyan Prakash Foundation and Indus Action, we have worked to bring correct information to the people. It was only then that the idea of ​​starting Hakdarshan Startups came to his mind. Today he has more than 100 companies associated with ITC, Godrej, Ambuja Cement, NGO Save the Children, Swadesh Foundation. The core team of Haqdarshak keeps in touch with the people associated with the field and makes government schemes available in easy language on the website of Haqdarsak. This team, in contact with the government, NGOs and companies, makes it possible to reach the rightful beneficiaries by bringing them all on one platform.

The target is to reach 10 crore laborers working in the construction sector.

Angel funding was received for his startups in the year 2015. In just five years, the turnover became Rs 6 crore. Now it is going to cross 12 crores. The company is operating in 17 states. Now Aniket’s target is 10 crore laborers working in the construction sector. By getting the labor cards made of these laborers, their company will work to provide education and housing etc. to them. Earlier, Haqdarshak helped about ten thousand people to get Ayushman Bharat, 15 thousand to Prime Minister’s house, 10 thousand to Ujjwala Yojana cylinders and about 40 thousand families to get documents like ration card, PAN card, Aadhar, income certificate etc. Is.

Provides services for a nominal fee of 50 to 100 rupees

Aniket explains that his company charges only the fees fixed by the government. This fee ranges from 50 to 100 rupees. There is no fee for getting Aadhaar made. Whereas local administration and NGOs are partnered for government schemes. The main task of his team is to reach such people who are not in reach of any government schemes. For this, his team of 15 thousand women comes in handy. Aniket says that about 20 employees translate the schemes of the central and state governments into the local language and upload them on the website. The translation is of such a level that anyone can understand easily. The company does not charge any fee for this work.

So far got so much benefit from Haqdarsak

  • Help of schemes of government and private institutions to the beneficiary of Rs 519 crore
  • 716435 citizens reached
  • 429205 Applications processed so far
  • Startup has given training to 10921 people
  • Digitized 7200 schemes in 11 languages
  • Haqdarsak’s team has reach in 507 districts

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