Success Story: This person became a millionaire by selling tea!  Earned Rs 1.2 crore in just 8 months, read interesting story

Success Story: This person became a millionaire by selling tea! Earned Rs 1.2 crore in just 8 months, read interesting story


New Delhi. Tea business is the most liked beverage in India. Most of the people are crazy about tea, whether at home or outside, the urge for tea drags them to the tea shop. From gossiping to getting tired, people resort to tea. There are some people who do not have any work, then they drink tea to eliminate boredom. This is the only reason that the business of tea is always a profitable deal.

Tea grown in India is recognized all over the world today, but now some startups of the country are presenting this tea to the people with a new color and flavor, which is also being liked on a large scale. By the way, you must have read and heard many stories of those who made their living by selling tea. But we are telling you the story of a person who left the comfortable life abroad to start a tea business. Let’s know what is the story?

Build a company worth crores by selling tea
This is the story of NRI Jagdish Kumar. He was living a comfortable life in New Zealand, having worked in the hospitality sector for many years. But in 2018 he returned to India with a plan and started his own business of tea here. Jagdish Kumar has not only introduced tea with many new flavors to the people, but has also earned huge profits in a short time through this tea. He started business under the name of NRI Chaiwala. As of today, his company has a turnover of 12 million with 35 employees.

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What is the specialty of tea?
NRI Chaiwala has named its different flavored teas in a very unique way. Mummy Ke Haath Wali Chai, Pyaar Mohabbat Wali Chai and Bordeh Wali Chai are some of the unique names of flavors, which have been prepared according to their names. Some special spices are also added to all these varieties of tea, which are secret according to Jagdish.
Jagdish claims that he also has immunity booster tea, in which liquorice, ginger, turmeric and decoction are used. Jagdish says that with the onset of the corona virus, he started working on R&D in this direction rapidly and it was increasingly liked.

NRI Chaiwala

NRI Chaiwala

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What do you say Jagdish?
Jagdish says, I started setting up a tea shop outside his office by collecting the items needed to make tea. My tea was being liked a lot. Then a few days later, I put up the banner of NRI Chaiwala in my shop, which became a matter of curiosity among the people. Jagdish’s main source of income is MNCs companies like HCL and Infosys.

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