Sunny Leone became a victim of fraud, someone took a loan of Rs 2000 on her PAN card

Sunny Leone became a victim of fraud, someone took a loan of Rs 2000 on her PAN card


new Delhi. Actress Sunny Leone has also become a victim of fraud. Someone took a loan on his PAN card without his knowledge (Loan on sunny Leone Pan Card). Giving information about this on Twitter, Sunny Liani wrote that her CIBIL score has deteriorated due to taking loan on PAN card without her knowledge.

At the same time, he also questioned the company giving the loan. However, he later deleted his tweet as the ruckus escalated. It is worth noting that for the last several days on social media, many users have been complaining about loan fraud on Indiabulls’ fintech platform Dhani Stocks Limited.

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2000 rupees loan taken on pan card

The Bollywood actress informed about the fraud with her through a tweet on Twitter. Sharing a news related to this matter on Twitter, Sunny Leone wrote that someone has taken a loan of Rs 2,000 on her PAN number without her knowledge. He wrote that he spoiled my CIBIL score (SIC). However, the actress later deleted this tweet from her Twitter handle.

Dhani app is being accused

After Sunny’s tweet, this matter is continuously gaining momentum. Many people who have been victims of the scam are now getting calls from agents, while show cause notices have also been issued in the names of some people. According to a report by Moneycontrol, journalist Aditya Kalra told on Twitter on February 13 that Dhani App has given a loan in his name, for which he had not applied. In the tweet, Kalra said that the loan has been taken from Indiabulls’ instant loan app Dhani using his PAN number.

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Kalra shared the tweets of several people who were duped by the scammers. After several fraud cases have come to the fore, Dhani App has said that it has received several complaints related to loan frauds, where a micro loan has been taken on the PAN card of another person and the victims did not even know about it.

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