Tata can become the world's richest man whenever he wants, worked like a laborer in his own company

Tata can become the world’s richest man whenever he wants, worked like a laborer in his own company


28 December 1937 This is the date when one of India’s biggest and honest industrialists Ratan Tata was born. Ratan Tata started his career with the Tata group in 1962 and then made it one of the largest companies in the world. Let us tell you that Ratan Tata has immense wealth, but despite this, he does not come in the list of the richest people in the world. Although he can beat Bill Gates whenever he wants, but he does not do it. Let me tell you the reason for this:

Actually Ratan Tata donates 65 percent of his earnings. Whatever profit his company makes, he donates it for social welfare. This money is not recorded in his personal financial statement. That is why the personal wealth of Ratan Tata does not go above 100 crores.

When Ratan Tata started his career with his company, he could have come on a good post if he wanted, but still he started working with factory workers. It is said that through this he wanted to know what is the life of the laborers and how hard his family took to build this business.

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Ratan Tata does not reveal much about his personal life but says that he is very fond of cars. That’s why they keep all the latest model cars with them. Ratan Tata’s favorite car is Ferrari. Not only this, Ratan Tata also knows how to fly a plane and he also has a license for it.

Ratan Tata with Chief Minister Raghuvar Das

Very few people know that the current Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Raghuvar Das has worked in Tata’s factory for 17 years. Chief Minister Raghuvar Das used to work as a laborer in a factory in Ranchi from 1978 to 1995.

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