Tata Motors vehicles are going to be expensive from April 1, know how much the prices will increase


new Delhi. Amidst the ever-increasing inflation, now Tata Motors is also going to shock its customers. The company is about to increase the prices of its vehicles. This will have a direct impact on the pockets of the customers. This move of Tata Motors will further loosen the pockets of the common man troubled by the ever-increasing inflation.

Tata Motors says that it is going to increase the prices of its commercial vehicles from April 1, 2022. It can increase the prices of these vehicles by 2 to 2.5 percent. Last week, Mercedes has also announced to increase the prices of its cars by 3 percent from April 1, 2022, citing cost escalation.

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Prices will increase because of these
Tata Motors said that since the Russia-Ukraine war, there is a steady increase in crude oil and commodity prices. This increases the cost of vehicles. Due to rising prices of commodities and other raw materials including steel, aluminum and other precious metals, it has to increase the prices of its commercial vehicles.

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Tata Motors is the largest commercial company
Tata Motors is the largest company in the commercial vehicle segment. Along with this, it is included in the top-3 passenger vehicle companies. The company is trying to increase its share in the e-vehicle segment. Along with this, she is also working with the government to prepare a policy framework.

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