The company that doubles money in 6 months is now giving bonus shares, do you have it in your portfolio?

The company that doubles money in 6 months is now giving bonus shares, do you have it in your portfolio?


new Delhi. Ducon Infratechnologies, a company that gives multibagger returns in one year, has announced to give bonus shares to its shareholders. The company will give bonus according to the ratio of 1:10. The company has taken this decision in its meeting held on 25 February 2022. The stock of this company has given a return of more than 260 percent in the last one year. This multibagger stock has given a tremendous return of 104% in the last 6 months time.

The Board meeting of Ducon Infratechnologies has also approved the increase in the Authorized Share Capital of the Company and consequential change in the Capital Clause of the Memorandum of Association of the Company. The company has given information about this in an exchange filing.

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What is Bonus Shares Fund
Bonus Shares means that the company divides its shares into more parts. Companies usually do this so that there is more liquidity in the stock and its price comes down. The lower the price, the more people are able to buy it. At present, all the shareholders of the company will get these bonus shares. In this case, whoever has 1 share of the company, after conversion, he will have 10 shares. The share price will also decrease in the same proportion.

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about the company
Ducon Infratechnologies is a fossil fuel technology company that has used diversified technologies. The company provides solutions in the areas of infrastructure, FGD systems and material handling.

In the infrastructure sector, Ducon deals in complete FGD systems in thermal power plants, bulk material handling systems for alumina, fly ash handling systems and electrification projects.


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