The condition of newly listed stocks like Paytm, CarTrade, Zomato is bad, learn from them what not to do in the market?

The condition of newly listed stocks like Paytm, CarTrade, Zomato is bad, learn from them what not to do in the market?


Mumbai . A few days ago, in a show of a leading business channel, a retail investor was asking a solution to his problem. After retirement, he had invested his total capital of Rs 60 lakh in the shares of a newly listed company. The share price of that company has almost halved since the IPO. His lifetime deposit has halved. This story is not of any one but of hundreds of new and retail investors.

Paytm, Fino Payments and CarTrade Including the shares of many new age companies have almost halved at this time. Zomato, Posili Bazaar (PB Fintech) and Nykaa Including, in the last one year, the shares of other companies in the list are also trading with a huge decline.

Investors’ wealth decreased by 46.58 percent in Paytm
Shares of Paytm closed at Rs 833.85, down 1.89 per cent on the NSE on Friday. During the day’s trading, it had fallen to Rs 831.00, which is its lowest level ever. So far, the assets of investors have decreased by 46.58 percent from its listing price.

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The price of car trade has come down by more than 60 percent
On the other hand, shares of Fino Payments Bank closed at Rs 309.30, down 4.12 per cent on the NSE on Friday. The stock has lost more than 43 per cent since its listing in November 2021. CarTrade shares also hit their new low of Rs 583 today. Since its listing in August 2021, the share price has fallen by more than 60 per cent so far.

Nykaa fell around 33 per cent
Shares of Zomato also closed at Rs 85.80, down 3.76 per cent today. So far in the year 2022, the price of this share has decreased by about 39.30 percent. On the other hand, Nykaa’s shares also closed at Rs 1,397, down 3.51 per cent today. Shares of Nykaa have fallen around 33 per cent since the beginning of 2022.

Experts were constantly warning
Many experts, including veteran stock market investor Shankar Sharma, are still apprehensive about the business of these new age companies. In January, Shankar Sharma had expressed the possibility of a fall of 80 to 90 percent in the shares of these companies by the end of this year.

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Gautam Duggad, Head of Research, Institutional Equities, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, said that the main problem of these companies is cash flow in the market and their profits. The increase in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve Bank will reduce the money in the market. In such a situation, people will have to be very adventurous to invest in these stocks. At the same time, they have to decide whether these stocks have come down to their low level or not.

According to market experts, new investors should learn a lot by seeing the condition of these companies. The first thing to do is invest wisely in IPO. Before investing money in the IPO of any company, understand its business and market. If you do not understand, then avoid investing in such companies.

less investment in new companies
If you have to invest in new companies, then invest only 5 to 10 percent of your capital in such companies. Never invest all your capital in one company. Always diversify your portfolio. Invest money in strong companies of different sectors.

see also valuation
While investing in new companies, take a look at the IPO and the valuation of the company. Understand from the expert that their valuation is correct or more. Only then invest. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala had said in an interview on the valuation of these companies that after a couple of years, talk to us on this. His words seem to be proved right in 6 months.

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