The government made a big change in the vehicle scrap policy, everything will be digital, know what is the new rule

The government made a big change in the vehicle scrap policy, everything will be digital, know what is the new rule


new Delhi. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notification of the Vehicle Scraping Facility Amendment Rules 2022. It contains amendments to the Motor Vehicles (Registration and Works of Vehicle Scraping Facility) Rules 23 September 2021, which lay down the procedure for setting up Registered Vehicle Scraping Facility (RVSF).

Issuing this, the ministry has said in a statement that the changes have been made on the basis of the feedback received in the rules. Through these, the process of vehicle scraping has been made to be simplified and digitized for all the stakeholders such as vehicle owners, RVSF operators, dealers, regional transport authorities etc.

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Must apply digitally
According to the new rules, a provision has been made to apply digitally for vehicle scraping. Vehicle owners will submit all applications for scrapping digitally. RVSF will act as a facilitation center to help vehicle owners to apply for scrap of their vehicles digitally. Apart from this, a provision has also been made to check the vehicle database before the vehicle owner submits the application.

vehicle will be inspected
There is no criminal record against the vehicle in the records of Hire-purchase, Lease, No dues on the vehicle and no record of blacklisting of the vehicle by Regional Transport Officers The vehicle will be scrutinized at all these levels and in case of failure in any of these tests, the application of the vehicle owners will not be submitted.

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Vehicle owners will get digital certificate
Many rules have also been made to maintain transparency in the entire process at the time of depositing the vehicle and thereafter. More details have been included in the certificate of deposit relating to the vehicle offered for scrapping. This certificate will be available digitally to the vehicle owners and will be valid for 2 years. Simultaneously, Transfer Certificate of Deposits has been introduced to ensure that digital certificates of transactions are present with the consumers who have obtained Certificates of Deposits through electronic trading.

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