Car-bike wholesale sales down 23% in February, will be surprised to know the reason?

The rules are going to change from April 1, old cars will be more than 7 times heavy on your pocket, understand how?


new Delhi. Re-registration of vehicles older than 15 years will become costly from April 1 in the entire country except Delhi. The cost of renewing the registration of vehicles older than a decade will be eight times higher from next month. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the cost of renewing the registration of all 15-year-old cars will be Rs 5,000 as against the current rate of Rs 600.

For a two wheeler, the customer will have to pay Rs 1,000 instead of Rs 300. Whereas for imported cars, the cost will be Rs 40,000 instead of Rs 15,000. In addition, delay in re-registration of private vehicles will cost an additional Rs 3000 per month. For commercial vehicles, there will be a fine of Rs 500 per month.

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Renewal of old vehicles every five years
According to the new rules, every private vehicle older than 15 years will have to apply for renewal every five years. However, the national capital Delhi is exempted from this rule. This is because the vehicles running on petrol and diesel in the city are considered unregistered after 15 and 10 years respectively.

The cost of fitness test will also increase from April
Apart from this, the cost of fitness test of old transport and commercial vehicles will also increase from April. As per the revised rates by the transport ministry, the cost of the fitness test will be Rs 7,000 instead of Rs 1,000 for taxis from April 1. It will be Rs 12,500 instead of Rs 1,500 for buses and trucks. Apart from this, fitness certificate will be mandatory for commercial vehicles older than eight years.

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The central government has increased the compliance fee so that owners can choose to scrap their old vehicles which causes more pollution. More than one crore vehicles in India are eligible for scrapping. The Center has also made the process online to make it easier for car owners to scrap old vehicles.

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