The son of a ₹ 10 daily wage worker created a company worth ₹ 2000 crore, started this business with only 50 thousand rupees

The son of a ₹ 10 daily wage worker created a company worth ₹ 2000 crore, started this business with only 50 thousand rupees


New Delhi. Today we are telling you the story of a person who was never able to get even bread for two times, but today on the basis of his hard work, he has created a company of 2,000 crores. We are talking about Mustafa PC. Mustafa PC was born in a remote village in Kerala. His father, a daily wage laborer, earned only Rs 10 as a wage. He was not well educated but dreamed of educating his children.

Mustafa told in an interview published on Monday with Humans of Bombay, “We hardly earned 10 rupees in daily wage. We could not even think of having three meals a day. I would say to myself, ‘Even now food is more important than education’.

Mustafa PC is the CEO of ID Fresh Food
Mustafa PC, CEO of iD Fresh Food said that due to a teacher, he got the opportunity to study for free. When it was time for him to go to college, his teachers paid his fees. Despite having a well-paying job, Mustafa was always interested in starting his own business. Mustafa later founded iD Fresh Food, a ready-to-eat food manufacturer. The company which employs thousands of youth and makes idli and dosa batter.

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Started business by investing Rs 50,000
Mustafa PC initially invested Rs 50,000 in the company. He started work in a 50 square feet kitchen with a grinder, mixer and a weighing machine. Mustafa says initially it took us more than 9 months to sell 100 packets in a day. For many years the company struggled a lot and also faced a lot of losses. There was a time when they could not pay salaries to their employees.

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Now a company of 2000 crores has become
ID Fresh Food has become a Rs 2000 crore company. Earlier, 15,000 kg of idli mixture was prepared from only 5,000 kg of rice and today the company is selling four times more idli than the mixture in hundreds of food stores and metro cities. Mustafa is known as the breakfast king in the country. Whose annual turnover in the year 2015-2016 was about 100 crores. This increased to Rs 182 crore in 2017-18. ID Fresh Food ended the FY 2011 with a revenue of Rs 294 crore. The company is now worth Rs 2000 crores.

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