The stock market has done badly this year, is it a recessionary maze?  Know what experts say

The stock market has done badly this year, is it a recessionary maze? Know what experts say


new Delhi. In this year, the Indian stock market is constantly hiccups. Neither the stock market is able to go up nor has it gone down too much. However, many stocks have fallen significantly. There is concern among investors that whether the Indian stock market has come under the grip of Bears? Should I invest in the stock market now or should I exit my position and give the market time to cool down? What Manpreet Gill, Senior Investment Strategist, Standard Chartered Bank has said about this, is a pleasant thing for investors.

In an interview to CNBC-TV18, Manpreet Gill said that he does not see any bear sign of the stock market as of now. However, in the near future, we should keep an eye on crude oil, which will be a big factor in deciding the future market movement.

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Market falls due to economic downturn
He said, the bear market is mostly related to the economic slowdown. So we are seeing no bearish warning signs mainly in the US, as the US market matters to most of the equity markets, but there is no specific bearish sign yet.

However, there is a need to keep an eye on the price of crude oil, because if it becomes expensive then it will act as a blow, which can be risky for the market. Talking about the US Fed, Gill said that what the US Fed is saying is nothing new for the markets. “The surprise for the market will be if the US Fed raises rates by the end of the year more than it has said,” he said.

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Gill believes that the dollar is getting support from the expectation of a rise in prices. “Indeed, the dollar is struggling to break above 100 on the index, despite an aggressive Fed hiking cycle, despite safe-haven demand,” he said.

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