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The stock market increased the number of Ultra Rich, know in which city the rich will grow the fastest


new Delhi. During the epidemic, the number of ultra-wealthy people in the country has increased rapidly. It is expected to increase in future also. The special thing is that this increase in the number of very rich people has come due to the boom in the stock markets and the digital revolution.

Knight Frank has said in the annual report that the number of extremely wealthy in the metropolis is increasing rapidly. By 2026, this number will increase further. Among these, Kolkata will be at the forefront. By 2026, the number of very wealthy there will increase by 43.2 percent to 368. There are currently 257 (as of 2021) Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) in Kolkata, whose number was 119 in 2016. In the report, those with assets of $ 30 million (about Rs 226 crore) or more have been described as extremely wealthy.

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richest man in mumbai
The report states that Mumbai has the highest number of ultra high net worth individuals. There are 1596 UHNWIs here. Their number in Hyderabad is 467. In Bangalore, their number has increased by 17.1 percent to 352. In Delhi, this figure has increased by 12.4 percent to 210 and in Mumbai by 9 percent to 1,596.

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India at third place after US-China
Last year, there has been an increase of 11 percent in the number of rich in the country. India ranks third in the world in terms of extremely rich. There are currently 145 very rich people in the country. The US ranks first with 748 extremely wealthy, while China is second with 554.

Rich in the world increased by 9.3 percent
Wealth consultant Knight Frank said in his latest edition of ‘The Wealth Report 2022’ that the number of extremely wealthy people globally grew by 9.3 per cent to 6,10,569 in 2021 from 5,58,828 in the previous year. The number of rich with high net worth in India was 13,637 in 2021, compared to 12,287 in the previous year.


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