The tension of changing old tires in the car is over, CEAT launches new tires with color-trade wear indicators


new Delhi. If you have a car and are always worried about the old tires of the car, then this news is good for you. Because CEAT has launched new tires with colour-trade wear indicators to help vehicle owners know when to replace these tires when they get old.

Presently, car owners always have a problem that when they should change the tires when they are old. Because old tires can be a safety hazard. But CEAT claims that you will be completely free from this problem with the color-trade wear indicator.

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How to know when to change tires
The new Ceat tires come with an embedded yellow stripe inside the tread. This strip is not visible when the tires are new, but as the tires get old or wear out, this strip becomes visible. This is an indication that now is the right time to replace the old tires with new ones. These tires will be made available in two sizes, 15-inch and 16-inch.

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Old tires are prone to accidents
Ankur Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT Tires, says, “Riding worn out tires on the roads can be unsafe for them and for everyone else. We have come up with an innovative product with color tread wear indicator technology to make our customers aware about the timing of tire replacement for safety.

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