There is a demand for this product throughout the year, start its business, earn Rs 2 lakh in 3 months

There is a demand for this product throughout the year, start its business, earn Rs 2 lakh in 3 months


Business idea Nowadays the trend of youth towards self-employment is increasing. Many educated people have chosen agriculture as employment during the Corona period. Today also earning in agriculture (Earn money from farming) has many possibilities. Many people are also earning good money in it. If you also want to earn good money through farming, then you should cultivate cumin.Cumin farming) should do.

Cumin is one such crop, which is used in spices. Also, due to its medicinal properties, medicines are also made from it. Therefore, its demand remains throughout the year and it earns well. If cumin is cultivated and its marketing is done properly, then it can do business wise.

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weather and soil

Loamy soil is suitable for cumin cultivation. It is sown in winter season. Cumin plant cannot tolerate too much heat. The temperature at the time of sowing cumin seed should be 24 to 28 degree centigrade and at the time of plant growth 20 to 22 degree centigrade. Sowing should be done from third week of November to first week of December.

farm preparation

Before sowing cumin, deep plowing should be done in the field. After this, make the soil crumbly by running rotavator. If there is no rotavator, then after two-three ploughings, the land should be leveled by applying honey. Cumin seeds should be sown in suitable moisture. Use improved varieties and seeds for sowing.

good selection of varieties

Different varieties are sown in different states in India. Therefore, you can contact your state’s Agriculture Department or Agricultural University for the selection of the variety. The varieties RZ 19 and 209, RZ 223 and GC 1-2-3 are considered good. The seeds of these varieties mature in 120-125 days. The average yield of these varieties is 510 to 530 kg per hectare.

seed and distance

12 kg of cumin seed is enough in one hectare. This means that you have to sow five kilograms of seed in one acre. Keep in mind that the seed should be separated by 1 to 1.5 cm. Do not sow more than the depth of. Sowing at a depth greater than this reduces the germination of the seed. Always sow in lines. Do not sow by spraying seeds. This makes it very difficult to remove weeds. Keep the line to line distance 25 cm.

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How much will you earn?

Now talking about the yield and earning from it, then the average yield of cumin seeds becomes 7-8 quintal seeds per hectare. About Rs 30,000 per hectare is spent in the cultivation of cumin. If the price of cumin is taken as Rs 100 per kg, then the earning per hectare is Rs 80000. In this way the net profit per hectare is Rs 50000. In such a situation, if cumin is cultivated even in 4 hectares, then in about 3 months, 200000 rupees can be saved.

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