These 5 amazing features will be available in the new Toyota Glanza, which will make it the best car

These 5 amazing features will be available in the new Toyota Glanza, which will make it the best car


new Delhi. Toyota Motor is all set to launch the premium hatchback 2022 Glanza in India. This is a rebadged variant of the recently launched Maruti Suzuki Baleno, which will be launched in India on March 15. The Japanese carmaker has told about the features of the new Glanza before its launch.

The 2022 Glanza has been developed jointly by Toyota and Maruti Suzuki under partnership. It is going to get many new features like the new 2022 Boleno. Here’s a look at five features that will help make the Glanza one of the best in the premium hatchback segment.

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1. Heads-up Display (HUD)
Maruti Suzuki has given heads-up display features to the 2022 Baleno hatchback as a segment-first feature. This feature will also be available in the 2022 Glanza. It gets the HUD screen hidden on the dashboard behind the steering wheel, which comes out when the ignition is on and hides when the car is turned off. It shows various information like speed, fuel gauge and other statistics. However, it still lacks the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

2. 360 View Camera
The Glanza is going to get a 360-view camera like the Baleno. Maruti Suzuki has introduced a 360-degree camera with six surround views of the car in the 2022 Baleno. The Toyota Glanza is likely to sport a 360-view camera similar to that, which will help the car park in tight spaces as well as in narrow spaces.

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3. Toyota Voice Assistance
AI voice assistant is not a new feature on the premium hatchback. Yes, till now it was not available in both Maruti and Toyota cars. While Maruti introduced Hey Suzuki Voice Assistance in the new Baleno, the Japanese carmaker will use Hey Toyota Voice Assistant in the 2022 Glanza. This will help the customers with a hands-free experience of collecting not only the car, or travel, but also other information like weather, nearest destinations etc.

4. Find My Car
Toyota is also going to offer Maruti’s connected car feature. Toyota has said that the new Glanza will come with an integrated app, which can be used through a smartphone or smartwatch. The app will help in locking and unlocking the car, locating the car in crowded parking area among other features.

5. Improved mileage
The new Glanza 2022 will be a fuel-saving car like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The carmaker has said that the new Glanza will give a mileage of 22.9 kmpl in the automatic variant, while the manual variant certified by ARAI will give a mileage of 22.3 kmpl.

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