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These 5 stocks doubled shareholders’ money in a month, know which are these special stocks


new Delhi. The global stock market has been in the grip of a sell-off for more than a fortnight due to the Russia-Ukraine war. However, amidst this tension, some stocks in the Indian stock market have managed to deliver great returns to their shareholders. These shares have doubled the shareholders’ money in the last one month.

We are telling about 5 such stocks which have become one of the multibagger stocks in the last one month:-

1. IEL :
This small cap stock has touched 5 per cent upper circuit today. In the past one month, the XT Group stock has risen from Rs 38.65 to Rs 99.10, a gain of almost 155 per cent during the period. The current trade volume of the small cap stock is 2,541, which is almost 50 percent of its 20 day average trade volume of 4,970. This stock has given returns of more than 10 times to its shareholders in the last one year.

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2. BLS Infotech :
In the past one month, this small cap penny stock has risen from Rs 1.59 to Rs 4.07 levels, registering a growth of around 155 per cent in the last one month. In year to year (YTD) time, this multibagger penny stock has gained more than 500 percent.

3. Ganesh Holding :
The stock of Small Cap XT Group has increased from Rs 23.70 to Rs 59.15 in the last one month. There was an increase of about 150 percent in this period. In 2022, this multibagger stock has increased by 265 percent from ₹16.20 to ₹59.15 levels. It is a low volume stock with a market cap of just ₹2 crore. It is one of the high risk stocks, which can go on any single trigger.

4. Gujchem Distillers India :
In the last one month, this stock of XT Group has risen from Rs 255.50 to Rs 677.15 per share. An increase of about 165 percent was registered during this period. Year after year this multibagger stock has risen from around ₹148 to ₹677 levels with a growth of almost 360 percent in 2022.

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5]Cyber ​​Media (India) Cyber ​​Media (India):
This Small Cap Tea Group stock has risen from Rs 15.50 to Rs 31.55 in the last one month, an increase of about 105 per cent in this period. The penny stock has been on an upward trend since the beginning of February 2022. It has given around 135 percent return to its shareholders.

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