These are millionaire barbers, once used to live for 5 rupees, today they drive in cars like ROLLS-ROYCE

These are millionaire barbers, once used to live for 5 rupees, today they drive in cars like ROLLS-ROYCE


Bangalore. Usually, knowing about or seeing rich people, it comes to everyone’s mind that how good their luck is. How much money do they have? He would not think for any of his needs and would have lived a very luxury life. Actually, knowing the story of such people shows that not only luck, but hard work is also behind their big earnings. Today we are going to tell you about a person who is a millionaire today on the basis of his hard work.

Used to sell newspapers, now the owner of Rolls Royce
Ramesh Babu, who lives in Bangalore city of Karnataka, is also one such person. Ramesh Babu started his career by delivering newspapers to people’s homes in the morning. His mother worked in other’s homes and educated her children. But, today Ramesh Babu has achieved something with his hard work and determination, which is an unknown thing for any common man. Today Ramesh Babu has a Rolls Royce worth crores of rupees.

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Ramesh Babu owns 378 cars
Ramesh Babu has not only Rolls Royce but 378 vehicles. Of these, 120 are luxury cars. Now there will be a question in your mind that what does Ramesh Babu do that he has such luxury cars. Ramesh Babu’s job is that of a barber. Now after knowing this, they will also think that they would charge a lot for haircut, only then they earn so much. But, you will also be surprised to know that Ramesh Babu charges only Rs 150 for a haircut.

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Bought Maruti on loan but was unable to repay
Actually, apart from the salon business, Ramesh Babu also runs a car rental business. This business of his gives luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar on rent. They say that you name the cars of any luxury brand, they have them. Ramesh Babu says that he was not satisfied with the salon business. He had to do something and become very successful. In 1993, he bought himself a Maruti Omni on loan. But, he did not even have money for this car bought for personal use. He could not repay the loan for 3 months.

One day rent of Rolls Royce 50 thousand rupees
His mother used to work at a woman’s house. An advice from the same woman changed the fate of Ramesh Babu. In this way a common man touched the height which he had only dreamed of. Actually, that woman had given Ramesh the idea of ​​renting a car. Initially, he himself drove the car on rent. After that gradually he became expert in this business. Ramesh, who was determined to differentiate his business from others, thought of buying Rolls Royce in 2011. 50,000 for renting this car for a day.

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Now preparing to buy limousine worth 8 crores
Ramesh believes that the work of the salon is his main business. That is why today after walking in a car worth crores, they do haircutting. Now Ramesh Babu wants to add three more cars to his car fleet. It includes a stretch limousine, which costs Rs 8 crore.

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