These are the top 5 Electric Two-Wheeler companies in the country, leaving the giants behind in sales

These are the top 5 Electric Two-Wheeler companies in the country, leaving the giants behind in sales


Top Electric Two-Wheeler Companies: There was a significant increase in the sales of electric two-wheelers in India in the last year i.e. 2021. With sales of over 1.43 lakh units, the high-speed electric two-wheeler segment has witnessed a tremendous growth of over 425 percent last year. At present, many companies like many new Ola Electric startups in India are showing strength in this segment. Let’s know about those top-5 electric two-wheeler manufacturers.

Hero Electric: Hero Electric has topped the list of electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India in February. The company has sold 7,356 EVs last month, which is more than three times as compared to February last year. Hero Electric sold only 2,194 electric two-wheelers during the same period last year. However, Hero Electric saw a slight decline in sales as compared to January this year, when the brand sold 7,763 units.

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Okinawa Autotech
Okinawa Autotech has come second in this list. The company has sold more than 5,923 units last month. This is an increase of more than five times in sales as compared to February last year, when it could sell only 1,067 units. Okinawa is currently gearing up to launch a new electric scooter called the Okhi 90. It will compete with Ola S1 Pro.

Ampere Vehicles
Ampere Vehicles, which makes EV models like the Rio, Rio Elite, Magnus EX, Magnus Pro and Zeal, in February became the third-largest EV two-wheeler maker. as emerged. Last month, it sold 4,303 units as against 806 units sold in the same month last year.

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Ola Electric
The biggest news is that Ola Electric has entered the top 5 electric two wheeler manufacturers in India. It is perhaps not surprising that Ola Electric has made it to the list within months of launching its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters. In February, Ola Electric delivered 3,904 units and surpassed its competitor Ather Energy to reach the fourth position.

Ather Energy
Bengaluru-based EV startup Ather Energy saw a marginal drop in sales last month. The company sold 2,229 units in February, while 2,825 units were sold in January. However, it is still a tremendous increase as compared to February last year. During this time the company sold 626 units.

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