These three youths from Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad became billionaires with cryptocurrency, earlier used to do simple jobs.. read how?

These three youths from Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad became billionaires with cryptocurrency, earlier used to do simple jobs.. read how?


New Delhi. These days cryptocurrency is in discussion all over the world. Sometimes because of Elon Musk, sometimes China… Whatever the reason, but the name of cryptocurrency is on the tongues of people all over the world. Cryptocurrency is making a lot of headlines in India too. Today we are telling you about three such Indians who made their mark in the crypto world in a very short time and have become billionaires today. These names are Jayanti Kanani, Sandeep Nelwal and Anurag Arjun. Let’s know about them…

The co-founders of the blockchain platform Polygon
All three are the co-founders of the blockchain platform Polygon. Polygon, formerly known as Matic, was established in 2017. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. With its help decentralized apps are created. It was created to solve the problem of high fees and slow transactions on the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

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Ethereum scaling and infra development work
Ethereum scaling and infra development can be easily done with the help of the Polygon platform. Users can also create apps with its help. The market cap of Polygon’s native token, Matic, has grown from $26 million in 2019 to over $14 billion. Their stake in this cryptocurrency is close to 4-5 percent. He is the first crypto billionaire in India based on the current valuation. Please note that it is difficult to verify the data in the crypto world and there may be other Indians who have amassed significant wealth which are not publicly known.

Know how this journey started…
According to a news in Live Mint, Sandeep Nelwal has said that his company has so far raised more than $1 billion crypto fund for Kovid-19 relief. Sandeep says I am originally from Delhi. My other two co-founders are from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Our head office is in Bangalore. According to Sandeep, I have studied engineering and computer science. After that I worked as a software engineer for two years. Then did MBA and got specialization in IT. After that I worked at Deloitte and then worked in e-commerce company Wellspun (where I was CTO). After this again I launched a website similar to Flipkart.

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Read about technologies like blockchain…
Sandeep further says that my business did not grow as big as I wanted. After that I started reading about technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain. I went back to programming and then I met Jayanti Kanani and Anurag Arjun (two other co-founders). Kanani is also a computer science engineer and was working as a data scientist with Later he tried to make some app like a prediction market for Game of Thrones. Which they wanted in the global payment system. At the same time, Sasarjun is also a serial entrepreneur. He was working with IRIS, a software used by institutions like central banks. Earlier, Arjun had launched a startup related to GST. Sandeep adds that, our fourth co-founder, Mihailo Bejelic, who is of Serbian origin, was working on a solution similar to Matic. He joined us last year as we rebranded from Matic to Polygon. This is how our business started and went on growing.

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