These two boys earned 15 crores in 1.5 years by selling food like home


Due to busy schedule and lack of time, we have forgotten many good habits from exercise to eating. In such a situation, if one gets nutritious, sattvik food on the go, then both the mind and the body get the benefit. to this need business idea The pair of Prasoon Gupta and Ankush Sharma are running their own startup named Satviko. Started in 2013, this business started as a QSR chain with a sattvik tadka to modern food. But the company changed its course in 2016 and today this startup has taken the form of a healthy packaged food company.

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The beginning of such a company- Satvico’s product based business started with an investment of 20 lakhs. To keep this to a minimum, the company initially focused on quality checks and RNDs by outsourcing manufacturing. But doing vendor based production has not been easy either. This also became the main challenge of the companies.

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15 crore income Satvico has also raised $1 million in pre-series A funding to scale up its business. The company has earned Rs 18 crore in its journey of 1.5 years and it is also aiming to reach 30 crore by next year.

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hit idea- Satviko prepares healthy snacks like Khakhra, Makhane, Guna-gram and Flaxseed in a sattvik manner. After making this food necessary for the body tasty, then they are launched in the market as packaged snacks. The specialty of Satvico is that it packs the products in small sizes, which makes it easy to carry and eat. The company has currently launched 7 types of products in the market and considers this range as its strength.

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Several steps taken to increase the reach- For Satvico, building a network with retailers and distributors is an important part of the business as it is through these channels that the bulk of the sales come. Along with this, products are also displayed in cafeterias, hotels and vending machines. At present, Satvico also sells its products in collaboration with Taj Hotels and SpiceJet. Along with this, Satviko is delivering its products to the customers on its website and online platform through Amazon.

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