This 33 year old man became a millionaire in 4 months by investing money in Dogecoin!  Learn Success Trick

This 33 year old man became a millionaire in 4 months by investing money in Dogecoin! Learn Success Trick


New Delhi. At this time, the crypto currency market is very much liked by the investors. There has been a steady increase in the interest of investors in the digital currency market. These days the trend of investors for investment has increased a lot towards Cryptocurrency. Similarly, a 33-year-old man became a millionaire by investing in the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Let us tell you that there are many cryptocurrencies in the market at the moment, but there are only a few cryptocurrencies that get more headlines. Among these is Dogecoin and it has been in the news a lot for some time now. It saw a huge jump after a tweet by Tesla owner Elon Musk.

‘Friends made fun’
In February, when Los Angeles-based Glauber Contessoto decided to invest his lifetime savings in Dogecoin, his friends were concerned. Glauber says that all my friends had forbidden me not to invest money in crypto, there is a fear of drowning. He even called me crazy. I too jokingly invested in digital currency in February and then forgot it. He says, however, Dogecoin was like a memes for the people, which everyone used to make fun of but I earned a good amount from this memes.

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I invest a lot of money when the market falls
I’m not afraid to take risks, says Glauber. I have always seen a downtrend in the market as a good opportunity. I always invest maximum capital in the time of decline. I believe that when the market crashes, you should sit down by investing cheaply at that time, it will definitely go up at one time and will benefit you. He says, I read a reddit thread in February about the potential of Dogecoin, after which I decided to invest in it and started investing with my credit card. He says, I invested about $250,000 by borrowing some from my deposits and some from the market. A few days later, Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin, after which a tremendous increase was seen in its market value.

Shock to Bitcoin but Gain to Dogecoin
Tesla owner Elon Musk made a U-turn on Tesla’s purchase of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The price of Dogecoin has been fluctuating after Musk’s company SpaceX announced that it would accept payments in Dogecoin and Tesla announced that it would stop buying via bitcoin. Dogecoin’s price shot up after Musk attended an event last week, but Musk then tweeted a tweet that started with a meme calling the cryptocurrency a “hasty” that caused a huge drop in price. There has been a huge jump in the price.

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Dogecoin price rises after this tweet
After a tweet made by Musk on Friday, the price of Dogecoin has started rising again. In this tweet, he said, ‘Working with the developers of Dogecoin to improve the efficiency of system transactions. There is a possibility in this. According to TradingView, following Musk’s tweets, Dogecoin’s price jumped 18% and its market cap increased by $10 billion.

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