This amazing feature will be available in Apple's electric car, know the price and when will it be launched?

This amazing feature will be available in Apple’s electric car, know the price and when will it be launched?


New Delhi. iPhone maker Apple’s electric car will knock in the car market very soon. The company is working fast on this. Apple Inc. is pushing to accelerate the development of its electric car. Recently the patent image of this car has been leaked. This shows that the sunroof features can be found in this car. The tech company has been in talks with several car makers for the past few years, including Hyundai and Nissan.

It is believed that Apple can now start the entire project on its own. The leaked sketch of the sunroof patent is from the year 2016, after which some updates have been done in the year 2020. There is nothing new in the latest design, but the latest technology has been used in it.

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The sketches of the new design show some features. Although this technology is being given in the current car models. The sunroof is optional, which can also be converted into a sturdier roof. Apple is said to enter car production. At the same time, not only Apple, another tech giant Google has also been working on a car project for a long time.

Will get more space in the cabin
Apple Car’s sunroof is claimed to give a lounge-like experience, which the company is focusing a lot on. The Apple car is likely to come with more space inside the cabin and it will be made available without any extra effort. Apple Car will offer either level four or level five autonomy, ensuring fully self-driving technology.

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Launching by 2025
Apple has selected Kevin Lynch to lead its new project, Titan. Let us tell you that Kevin Lynch led the Apple Watch software development. Lynch is pushing for the first version of Apple Car to be a car with a full self-driving system. Apple is targeting the launch of its self-driving car in 2025. However, this timeline is subject to change, and the company may choose to issue vehicles without full autonomous capabilities by then.

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