This business was started 1 year ago with only 50 lakhs, today earning in lakhs

This business was started 1 year ago with only 50 lakhs, today earning in lakhs


new Delhi. There is a plethora of options in personal care for the youth. But in this segment for kids
Why not an option? The same question troubled Delhi-based Deepali Mathur Dayal, when she could not get the products for her daughter. She was looking for Chemical Free Personal Products for her daughter, but her search was not successful. He came to know that no company makes special products for children in the age group of 7 to 18 years. This discovery gave him the idea to start a Super Smelly Startup which would fill the gap in this segment.

Deepali Mathur Dayal, Co-Founder of Super Smelly, said that a large part of India’s population is young and hence the market is full of personal care and hygiene products for them. But there are still a lot of opportunities in the market of skin care for those below 18 years of age. Making space in this segment is the startup Super Smelly which makes toxin-free lip balms, moisturizers to deodorants and face packs for GenZ.

Super Smelly Starts With Saving 50 Lakhs
To turn this idea into reality, Deepali got the help of her friend Milan Sharma. Both the friends invested Rs 25-25 lakh to start Super Smelly. By September 2018, this idea had acquired the shape of a business.

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Fund received from angel investor in Singapore
Everything went so well that within 7 months of its launch, Super Smelly has received good funding in an angel round from a Singapore based firm. All the products of Super Smelly are Made in India and 100% Natural. Talking about the price range, these products will be available between Rs 100 to 600.

Access to e-commerce site
The company has made its reach on all e-commerce platforms like nyka, amazon, flipkart, big basket in a short span of time. Also, products are available at more than 200 outlets in Delhi-NCR as well.

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