This is India's richest woman, if you listen to work, you will bow your head

This is India’s richest woman, if you listen to work, you will bow your head


New Delhi. If we talk about the women billionaires of the country, then the name of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw comes at the top. Kiran Mazumdar is the chairperson of Biocon Ltd. The recently released Hurun Global Rich List 2021 has placed Kiran at the top of the list of India’s richest female billionaires. Kiran, the founder of Biocon Limited, has a net worth of $ 4.8 billion. If it is written in numbers in rupees, then this figure will look like this – Rs 3,53,01,60,00,000. Means 3 trillion 53 billion one crore 60 lakh rupees. It sounds very good to say and hear now, but behind this is the hard struggle of Kiran Mazumdar.

Medicines so cheap that we owe them

Every Indian should be proud of Kiran Mazumdar because if she had not thought of providing cheap medicines, then today crores of people would be dying without treatment. He made life very easy especially for the patients of diabetes and cancer. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is of the view that the poor people of India should also have access to medicines. Before the medicines of Biocon Limited, medicines of multinational companies were very expensive. The model of MNCs was Low Volume and High Value. This means that make less medicines and earn more profit by selling them at expensive rates. But Kiran’s thinking was different. He reversed this model – High Volume and Low Value. Meaning that production more and keep profits less. Due to this formula of Kiran Mazumdar, medicine is reaching every person in India today.

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very cheap diabetes medicine

With this vision in mind, Biocon developed insulin for diabetes. The cost of this insulin is less than Rs 10 per day, which was more than Rs 300 earlier. This means that now diabetic patients will not have to pay 10 thousand rupees a month for insulin. They can do the work in 300 rupees a month. If it is not a revolution, then what is it to be called?

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Cancer medicine at 10 times less cost

At the same time, the cost of a single dose of breast cancer drug, whose generic name is Trastuzumab, was around two lakh rupees. Means the expenditure of about 20-50 lakhs on a patient in a year. Obviously not everyone can afford that much. Biocon had launched the same drug at a price of Rs 50,000 per dose. That means a quarter of the price has been reduced directly. Later this dosage was made even cheaper. Now only 20 thousand rupees have to be spent for one dose. Made such an expensive medicine available at 10 times less cost. The journey of Biocon is still on and we can expect a lot more to happen.

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