This market is earning in lakhs by making CNG from spoiled vegetables, know business module

This market is earning in lakhs by making CNG from spoiled vegetables, know business module


new Delhi. Surat APMC is earning in lakhs by making gas from the organic waste generated from the vegetable market. Through an innovative experiment, gas is being prepared from spoiled vegetables and supplied to Gujarat Gas Company in Surat, Gujarat. Along with getting rid of pollution, this experiment is also getting rid of garbage. Let us tell you that Biogas can be made from everything that can decompose. Whether it is kitchen waste or leaves of trees and plants… it is easily made from organic waste. Composting lets the gas go into the air, while that waste gas from biogas can be used for human use.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal gave this information by tweeting. Surat APMC is the first APMC in the country to make gas from spoiled vegetables. The Agricultural Produce Market Committee is earning in lakhs from gas. Every day 40 to 50 tonnes of spoiled vegetables and fruits are producing gas. APMC is selling 5100 scm of Bio CNG daily to Gujarat Gas. For this, an agreement has been signed between Surat APMC and Gujarat Gas Company, under which gas is sold at international market prices.

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1000 cubic meters of gas being produced daily
Surat APMC chairman Raman Jani told that 50 tonnes of waste is being processed every day in this plan and 1000 cm of gas is being produced every day. We have signed an MoU with Gujarat Gas Company and the production goes in the lines of the gas company.

Biogas can be made at home like this
If you want to make biogas from kitchen waste at home, then take a plastic drum for it and put some cow dung in it for a day or two. Keep this drum covered for 20 to 25 days. Keep a small hole in its lid, from which you can put kitchen waste in it. After inserting the kitchen waste, close that hole by mixing it with a rod.

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You can keep this hole open for 5-7 minutes, but if left open for a long time, the gas will go out. Also keep two other holes in this drum. Put a pipe in one hole and connect it to the stove, so that you can cook food and the other hole will drain out the excess manure. It can be used in the garden or in the field. One thousand kg of kitchen waste from a house can produce 90 cubic meters of biogas, which is equivalent to 35 kg of LPG gas.

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