This multibagger stock in Vijay Kedia's portfolio is set to fly, did you buy?

This multibagger stock in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio is set to fly, did you buy?


new Delhi. Vijay Kedia portfolio: Amid heavy selling in global equity markets on negative sentiments due to Russia-Ukraine war, some quality stocks have come at attractive rates. Tejas Networks is one such stock which has gained momentum in the past one month. There has been a decline of more than 12 percent. However, this stock in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio is still one of the multibagger stocks in India.

This multibagger Telecom Hardware Stock has shown a decline in the recent sessions and stock market experts are of the opinion that positional investors should buy these shares. It has the potential to become a multibagger stock from its current levels. Experts are advising to buy it for a target of ₹ 520 per share.

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Best chance to buy around 390
Suggesting a buy on dips strategy, Sumit Bagadiya, Executive Director, Choice Broking has advised positional investors to buy this multibagger stock. He told Live Mint that this multibagger stock is currently trading in the range of ₹ 380 to ₹ 450. If someone wants to buy it, then one can buy it now and if it goes towards Rs 380 then it can be bought more till there. Those who want to make positions in one go, they should wait for a while. If found at the level of Rs 390 or Rs 400, then it can be bought in one go. Sumit has given a stoploss of Rs 375 for this.

target of Rs 520
GCL Securities Vice Chairman Ravi Singhal said about Tejas Networks Share that short term investors can take positions in this stock with a target of Rs 440-450. Long term investors can buy it for a target of Rs 520. Long term means from 9-12 months.

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Price history (Tejas Networks share price history)
This stock in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio is one of the multibagger stocks in 2021, but is currently under pressure due to selling. During the last one month, this stock has fallen by about 12 percent. This stock had hit a high of Rs 570.50 on NSE on 5 October 2021. Since then this stock is in a consolidation phase.

Vijay Kedia’s shareholding in Tejas Networks
Vijay Kedia holds 3.42 percent stake in Tejas Networks based on the shareholding pattern for the third quarter of FY 2021-22. Kedia Securities Limited has 39 lakhs quantity of this share.

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