This Multibagger Stock is consistently giving excellent returns, has come in a year with a jump of 115 percent


new Delhi. There are only a few stocks that consistently give profits to their investors. One such consistently giving return share is the tech company Happiest Minds. This stock has been giving excellent returns since its listing in the stock market and has become a multibagger stock. The stock has so far jumped Rs 575 from its issue price. The IPO of this company came in September 2020, when the issue price was Rs 165 to Rs 166. Share prices had doubled at the time of opening. A share on NSE became Rs 350 and on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Rs 351.

On Friday, the stock of Happiest Minds closed at Rs 1,222 (Happiest Minds Share Price) per share. In this way, if we compare the issue price of this stock with Friday’s price, then it has jumped by Rs 575. If an investor would have invested money in this company on the day of listing, then today his investment would have tripled. Similarly, if an investor buys a lot at the issue price, ie, has invested Rs 14,940 and retains it, then today he has converted Rs 14,940 into an amount of Rs 1 lakh.

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115% jump in a year

Shares of Happiest Mind have gained 115 per cent in the last one year. During this period, the price of one share of the company has increased from Rs 522 to Rs 1122. However, for the last 6 months, there is a sell-off in this stock. During this period, the share price fell from Rs 1422 to Rs 1122. In this way, it has fallen by 21 percent in six months. The special thing is that the share price has jumped 15 percent in the last one month. It increased from Rs 975 to the level of Rs 1121.

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IPO was a hit

Happiest Minds IPO came in September 2020. The price band per equity share was Rs 165 to 166. The company’s aim was to raise Rs 702.02 crore from this IPO. On September 17, 2020, this IPO was listed at Bumper Premium. Share prices had doubled at the time of opening. One share became Rs 350 on NSE and Rs 351 on BSE.

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