This stock gave sloppy returns, 1 lakh became ₹ 57 lakh in 13 years, did you buy?


new Delhi. Often you must have seen an advertisement on TV whose punch line is “Fevicol ka joad hai totega nahi”. Similarly, an Indian company never let the heart of its investors break. You can guess this from the fact that a company has made a profit of more than Rs 56 lakh on an investment of Rs 1 lakh in 13 years. Not only this, since the beginning till now, the company has given returns of more than 30 thousand percent to its investors. You would hardly have heard about the return of such a lofty and thatch.

Are you not sure about this? Then we give you complete information about it. This company is Pidilite Industries which manufactures Fevicol and Feviquick. You will be well aware of these two products because both these products are used in every household. There would hardly be any person in the country who would not have used them.

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quick returns
On March 24, 2022, the share of Pidilite Industries reached Rs 2423.65 on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). 13 years ago on March 27, 2009, its price was Rs 41.98. At that time, if an investor would have bought 1 lakh shares (2,382 shares) of the company and would have kept it till now, then now he will get Rs 57.85 lakh on selling it at the current price. That is, an investment of Rs 1 lakh will result in a profit of more than Rs 56 lakh.

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30,800 returns received so far
Similarly, if someone had bought its shares worth Rs 1 lakh in the initial days itself, then today its price would have been close to Rs 3 crore. The share price of the company on 22 March 1996 was Rs 7.88 on BSE. That is, since then till now a return of 30,800 percent would have been given on this stock. The 52-week high of Pidilite Industries shares is Rs 2764.60. Whereas the 52-week low is Rs 1,755.60.

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