This stock of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is nearing life time high!  You also have a chance to earn

This stock of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is nearing life time high! You also have a chance to earn


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala portfolio: The stock of Titan Company is currently trading at Rs 2,588. In March itself, this stock has seen many ups and downs. On March 2, this stock was at Rs 2592, while on March 8 it fell to Rs 2371. After this it again turned upwards and it is now trading at Rs 2588. On January 10 this year, Titan’s stock had also crossed the level of 2657. Titan is in Gems & Jewelery business.

Experts say that this stock will go further. According to stock market experts, this stock is expected to benefit from the recent rise in gold prices in the international market. It is being said that the share price of Titan is bullish and it can reach its highest level in the next one month.

Market experts say that the price of Titan share is on an upward trend. One can buy and hold this stock at current levels with a target of one month, keep stop loss at ₹2450. The stock looks promising for the medium and long term as well. In the short term, the stock can go up to the level of Rs 2800.

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After a sharp jump in gold prices, Titan shares may see a rise. Jewelery companies are expecting margin gains in Q4 results as gold prices have risen.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s stake in Titan Company

As per the shareholding pattern of Titan Company for the quarter October to December, 2021, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and his wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala have stake in the company. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds 3,57,10,395 shares of Titan Company, which is 4.02 percent of the total capital of the company. Similarly, Rekha Jhunjhunwala has 95,40,575 shares of Titan Company i.e. 1.07 percent stake in the company. In this way, the Jhunjhunwala family has 4,52,50,970 company shares i.e. 5.09 percent stake in this flagship company of the Tata Group.

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Earned Rs 342 crore in a few hours

Last month, Rakesh Jhunjhanwala earned Rs 342 crore from this stock in a single stroke. After the announcement of reduction in custom duty on cut and polished diamonds in Budget 2022, there was a sharp jump in the shares of Titan Company in a single hour on Tuesday, February 2.

On the budget day, February 1, at around 1.15 pm, Titan Company’s shares touched an intra-day low of Rs 2,358.95 (the lowest level during the day’s trading). After this, there was a good jump in the shares of Titan Company in the post budget rally. The company’s shares closed at Rs 2,436.05. Titan’s stock gained Rs 75.75 in a single day.

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