This time the onion will not make the tears of inflation cry, the government took this step to rein in the prices

This time the onion will not make the tears of inflation cry, the government took this step to rein in the prices


new Delhi. In view of the increase in onion prices in many states of the country, now the central government has swung into action. In order to control the prices of onions, the central government has started issuing buffer stock to such states, where the prices of onions are increasing. Onion prices are seen stabilizing due to rapid arrival of buffer stock in the market.

It is worth noting that many times the wild increase in the prices of onions becomes a problem for the government. Therefore, this time the government has already started making arrangements in view of the low supply of onions in the market. Therefore, now it has started providing buffer stock of onions to the states in a planned and targeted manner, where the prices are increasing as compared to the previous months.

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government is taking steps

In order to increase the supply of onions in the markets, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs said in a statement that buffer stock is also being issued in Lasalgaon Wholesale Onion Mandi and Pimpalgaon wholesale markets of Maharashtra. Onions have been offered to the states at the rate of Rs 21 per kg at places other than storage. This onion has also been supplied to the successful sales centers of Mother Dairy at the rate of Rs.26 per kg including transportation cost.

rising prices

According to the data of the ministry, the prices of retail onions have been increasing gradually in the last few weeks. The price of onion was Rs 37 per kg in Delhi and Chennai, Rs 39 per kg in Mumbai and Rs 43 per kg in Kolkata. The arrival of Kharif (summer) onion is stable and Rabi crop will also start coming in the market from March, 2022. Till February 17 this year, the all-India average price of onions was 22.36 per cent lower than last year.

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Potatoes cheaper than last year

According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the All India Average Retail Price of potatoes was 6.96 percent lower i.e. Rs 20.58 per kg on February 17 as compared to the previous month. Tomato prices have also fallen in the last one month. Although it is still faster than last year. The all-India average price of tomatoes till February 1 was Rs 26.69 per kg, which is lower than the previous month. As arrivals pick up in North India, the prices will fall further in the coming week. Arrivals in South India will also increase the arrival of tomatoes in the coming week and it will gain full momentum by the end of this month.

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