This young man is the brain behind the startups that Tata invests in

This young man is the brain behind the startups that Tata invests in


New Delhi. Ratan Tata, a veteran business leader and former chairman of the Tata Group, is the brain behind the startups in which his personal investments are made by a 28-year-old. His name is Shantanu Naidu.

Shantanu handles the entire investment work of Tata’s more than 30 startups like Ola, Paytm, Snapdeal. His job is to provide executive assistance to Ratan Tata with help in startup investments. There is a very interesting story of joining Tata at such a young age. Joining Shantanu Tata was an automobile engineer at Tata Alexi, Pune in 2014.

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Because of his attachment to dogs, he came in the eyes of Tata

Shantanu says that on the way, he saw many dogs dying after being hit by the speed of vehicles. It was extremely painful. It was found that the drivers could not see the dogs in time, this was a major reason for the accidents. This gave Shantanu the idea to make a collar reflector for dogs. After some experimentation, a collar was made with the name Metapause. With this, drivers could see the dogs from a distance even without street lights at night. Now the lives of street dogs were being saved. This small but important work was written in the newsletter of Tata group companies. This was noticed by Ratan Tata, who himself is very fond of dogs.

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At the behest of the father, a letter was written to Tata and the call came

At the behest of his father, Shantanu wrote a letter to Tata one day. Then he got an invitation to meet Ratan Tata. Shantanu is the fifth generation of his family, who is working in the Tata Group. But never got a chance to meet Tata. In the meeting, Tata asked for the help of the Street Dogs project but Shantanu refused. Tata insisted and made an undeclared investment. After investing Ratan Tata’s money, Motopause has reached 11 different cities of the country. On this pretext, Tata continued to meet.

And then in 2018 got an invitation to join Tata’s office
One day Shantanu told Ratan Tata about doing MBA at Cornell. Got admission in Cornell. The entire focus during MBA was on Entrepreneurship, Investment, New Startup as well as Credible Startups Discovery, Interesting Business Ideas and Key Industry Trends. After finishing the course, in the year 2018, an invitation came from Tata to join his office. Shantanu says it is an honor to work with him. This kind of opportunity comes only once in life. Staying with them gets to learn something new every minute. Never felt like a generation gap. He never lets you feel that you are working with Ratan Tata.

Startups also benefit from Tata’s experience
Ratan Tata, 81, has deep faith in the country’s startup ecosystem. In June 2016, Ratan Tata’s private investment company RNT Associates and the University of California of the Regents joined hands to fund new startups, new companies and other ventures in India as ‘UC-RNT Funds’. Although the amount of most of Ratan Tata’s investments is not known, but the startups that succeed in bringing him along, they get a wealth of experience from Ratan Tata apart from financial support.

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