Tim Cook once used to run a house by selling newspapers, now earns about Rs 3 crore daily

Tim Cook once used to run a house by selling newspapers, now earns about Rs 3 crore daily


Mumbai. Today is the birthday of Tim Cook, the CEO of the iPhone maker Apple Inc. Tim Cook was born on 1 November 1960 in Alabama. He was born in a very normal family. Tim Cook, at one time, used to run the household expenses by selling newspapers. Also, he used to work in the pharmacy with his mother. But the desire to do something has taken him to a new level. Let us tell you that Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since August 2011. Let us tell you that Apple CEO Tim Cook got a bonus of 84 crores ($ 12 million) in 2018. Cook got a bonus of Rs 65 crore in 2017.

Did part time work while studying Tim Cook used to work part time in Reynolds Aluminum Company while studying at Auburn University. This work was also part of his studies. The company’s staff gradually left the company.

, After this incident, Tim helped the President of the company and together with him took the company forward. He wanted to become an engineer.

, Because of this, he studied industrial engineering. One of his teachers called him a solid B-plus or A-minus student.

, On 11 August 2011, Tim Cook received a call that changed his life. When he picked up the phone, Steve Jobs was on the other side.

, He asked the cook to come to his house. At that time Jobs was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment for it.

, He was diagnosed with this disease in the year 2003 and since then his battle with this disease was going on. When Cook asked Jobs when he would come, Jobs asked him to come immediately.

, The cook immediately reached his house. Jobs then told him that he wanted Tim Cook to be the company’s CEO.

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Now earns around Rs 3 crore daily According to the figures of the year 2018, Tim Cook got 21 crore rupees ($ 3 million) as salary. Along with this, shares worth Rs 847 crore ($ 121 million) were received.

>> Received 4.77 crores ($ 6.82 lakh) as other allowances. In this way his total earning was Rs 956.77 crore.

>> In this sense, his daily income works out to about Rs 3 crore. A major part of Cook’s earnings comes from Apple’s shares.

>> They get shares in the form of annual increment. Their number is determined on the basis of the performance of Apple’s stock against the companies of the S&P-500.

Apple made a profit of 92,270 crores in the July-September quarter- Apple’s profit declined 3% year-on-year to $13.7 billion (Rs 92,270 crore) in July-September.

>> Due to the decline in sales of the company’s flagship product iPhone, profits were affected. iPhone sales declined by 9% to $33.4 billion (Rs 2.37 lakh crore) compared to the September quarter of last year.

>> Total income increased by 2% to $ 64 billion (Rs 4.54 lakh crore). The company announced quarterly results on Wednesday. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the increase in revenue was driven by increased sales of services, wearables and iPads.

>> The company has expected revenue of $ 85.5 billion in the October-December quarter. Sales are expected to increase due to the holiday season.

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